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I have recently noticed multiple tiny bugs in our bathroom, usually around the tub or sink area, as well as on the tile.  They do not seem to fly and are so small that they can only be seen close-up. I live in New York. Can you please help identify these bugs and suggest a strategy for getting rid of them?  I saw these same bugs a few years ago but they seemed to disappear. I am attaching 2 images- a close-up for detail (a bit blurry, sorry) and a more distant image, so you can see size in relation to the sink drain.
Thanks so much!


It is a bit blurry but I think this is a collembola,see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/springtails.html for more pictures. They are harmless, primitive insects that live in soil feeding on bacteria and fungi. They can be swept up or flushed down the drain, no insecticide is needed.

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