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My roommate & his dog moved out about a week &a half ago. The day after they left i switched the beds in the 2 rooms. Ever since I've been waking up with bites all over.they look like mosquito bites but there are to many of them to be that. I have checked my bed but have not come across anything. Theses bites are very itchy. I asked my roommate if he was getting but before he left & he said no, he also checked his dog for fleas but could not find anything. I don't know what is biting me, can you please help, & what do i do?


See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html for a list of insects and mites that bite people. However, most of the time so called "mystery bites" turn out to be caused by something other than bug bites. Take a look at the info on the page above and see if anything possibly matches. Allergies are a very common cause of these symptoms.

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