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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/wasp or bee that has taken over my backyard!!


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Kingston, Massachusetts

I'm very curious what type of insect this is that has sort of taken over my backyard. They fly around my back yard, landing on blades of grass and there are alot of them. The sunnier and warmer it is, the more there are. I first noticed them when i was mowing my lawn. I must have disturbed them somehow because a bunch of them started flying around me. At first i thought they were coming from nests/holes in the ground, like a ground dwelling wasp because there are small sand piles with finger sized holes. But when i stomp around that area (right before dusk) nothing would come out. Also, i noticed that they are flying back and forth from trees around my yard to my backyard.

I have yet to be stung by one, but i don't want to take my chances. I've seen probably close to 50 flying around the backyard ground at one time. Please see a picture of one that i found after i swatted it out of the air. Thank you for the help!

This is a cicada killer, a species of hornet that lives a solitary life.  Here's a window into what you are seeing:

Female cicada killers dig a hole in soft, fluffy soil and create several branched tunnels.  They fly into the trees and capture cicadas, paralyzing them with a single sting.  They drag the paralyzed cicada into the tunnel, lay an egg on it, and seal it into a side branch tunnel.  The new cicada killer emerges the following spring.  With the increase in cicada populations this spring on the east coast, populations of this predator should increase as well.

Females CAN sting, but usually don't.  Male cicada killers patrol a territory, flying near the ground looking for females.  If a male cicada killer sees his reflection in the mirror, he will crash into the window in an effort to run the "trespasser" away.  Males CANNOT sting and are a little smaller than females.

We have them in Texas as well.

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