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I live in Michigan and we saw an insect that looked like a bee. It was approximately 2 inches long. It has some fuzz on the body and a tan color on its wings. It was digging holes underground and seemed to have more than one hole that it was flying into. I've read everything that I can online. All the information that I have come across points me to a wide array of insects that are not what I saw. A list of moths that look like bees. Cicada Killers, and mud hornets. It was much larger than these. Any information that you could provide about what kind of insect this is would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Kristina
Since I cannot see one the only wasp with this behavior is the Cicada killer. Some do appear fairly large. There is a possibility that these are Giant Asian wasps. They prey on bees and other wasps and may have found an underground wasp nest. Can you get a photo for me

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