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Over the last couple of days I have had some bites show up on my feet, ankles and lower legs. They seem like mosquito bites, but they pop up at random times of the day, middle of the night, morning, or just when I'm laying on my couch during the day. Today I got home from work and I had one on the top of my foot, I had my shoes/socks on for almost 8 hours! My skin is crawling right now I'm constantly feeling itchy all over because of this. I had a very mild case of bed bugs a few years ago so now I'm constantly worrying about that. The bites are small and don't really swell up, they almost go away if I leave them alone but continue to itch. On my one leg I do have 3 in somewhat of a triangle pattern, but for the most part the rest are somewhat spread out. One here, one there, or maybe 2 near each other. What could this be? I did strip my bed today and checked my cream colored sheet for spots as well as the mattress and saw nothing. I also checked some of the seams on the mattress as well and saw nothing. Any info would help.


From your description I think it is very likely that these are caused by either an allergy or irritant that you are coming into contact with (contact dermatitis). This definitely does not sound like bed bugs. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/bed_bug.html for how to identify and detect bed bugs. Have you changed anything in your environment lately such as laundry detergent, bath soap, lotions, or furnishing at home or at work? If you can identify anything new in your environment that may be a good place to investigate. Sorry I can't be more specific. Post a follow up if you have questions.

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