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Yesterday through divine direction, I suddenly decided to clean under my office chair. only way I would clean under an office chair!!!)  There was a very strong web strung all over the underneath part of the legs and center wheel hub.  Feeling web meant most likely a flashlight.  Found small black spider, bigger than 1/2" long but perfectly formed.  On top of her abdomen there were I believe 3 chevron stripes.  I coaxed her out with my letter opener to check her out. Her legs were spindly.  She was really pretty...just not under my darn chair. Outside, Black Widows may live a long life at my house (as long as I don't see but, no, no.  She is now deceased but I cringe when I'm sitting in my chair now just know there's one lurking.  In my gut I feel she's some type of Black Widow but I'm hoping against hope you'll say no....she's (another breed altogether and harmless).  Thank you for letting me on here to ask...I've searched the web since yesterday trying to find a spider fitting this description.)   Anna  (Edmond, OK)

Hi Anna
I wish I could have seen this spider. Some immature Widows have white markings. I you google Immature Black Widows you find a lot of photos to compare. It would be unusual for a widow to make a web inside under a chair however. Black Widows are out door spiders My guess is that this was not a Black Widow.Since I cannot see it I cannot identify it. Anyway it makes no difference since that spider is gone. To be sure clean the chair and make sure there are no egg sacs underneath.

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