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Unknown bug
Unknown bug  
QUESTION: Found this bug coming out of a button on a tv remote in my parents bedroom. He moved pretty quickly and seemed to keep wanting to hide. Clearish color. I'm not sure if its a bed bug nymph, psocid, or something else entirely. Bad photo, I know, but he was quick! I have a pretty wicked bed bug phobia and am hoping to eliminate crazy worry.

Thank you, in advance.

ANSWER: Jenifer,

This is a psocid, aka booklouse. They are harmless but can indicate a moisture problem especially if you find more than a few. Post a follow up if you have questions.

Jack DeAngelis

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much, Jack. I find that during high stress times in my life my bug phobia gets somewhat out of control and causes a lot of anxiety.

I am living with my parents for two years and they most definitely have a moisture problem in their bathroom. I had some springtails crawling about my floor a few weeks ago so I suppose this shouldn't be all that surprising. Since it's not my home, I don't have much say in how they approach the problem.

But I guess this means that I am able to feel safe knowing they can't hurt me?

The best argument to fix moisture issues is that they can lead to dry rot (see and structural damage. A minor water leak can cause major damage if not fixed (plus it will get rid of the psocids and springtails). Neither insect cause injury and can be swept up when found.

Jack DeAngelis  

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