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Bug shell 1
Bug shell 1  

Bug shell 2
Bug shell 2  
Saw these bugs in my back yard, what are they? Are they dangerous? This is in Long island, New York. Saw it today 8/4/2013 10am. It did not seem alive, but a shell with a hole in the back, as if something exited the shell.


The images depict the exuviae (shed exoskeletons) of cicadas.  "Annual" cicadas have individuals that appear as adults every year, but the individual insect takes 3-5 years or more to mature.  The nymphs spend that time underground feeding on the sap of plant roots.  When they finally emerge, they dig their way to the surface, climb up the nearest vertical object, and split the exoskeleton down the back.  An adult, winged insect wriggles its way out.

Cicadas are not the least bit dangerous at any stage in their life cycle.


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