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hi. recently I found out that I have an infestation of cotton stainer or red bugs in my vineyard (Colombia). I can't seem to find any information on why they are attracted to the vines and no other plant in the nearby area. another thing to add is that we believe the vines were sprayed with glyphosate and possibly coincidence they seem to be attracted to the vines with the biggest dose. is there any connection? what would be the most likely reason for this sudden infestation?

another note.

in the day they seem to shelter in the shade of cracked bark with no huge concentration on the fruit or leaves, but tonight I will check what they get up to.



Hi Robbie:
Cotton stainers (Genus Dysdercus) are seed bugs and you do not mention damage to you grapes or leaves.
 Glyphosphate is an herbicide so I do not know often or why it is used on grape vines  I also looked the chemistry of the compound and did not see anything that would attract insects. Some organic compounds have been found to have a chemistry similar to some insects pheromones.
If there is no damage to your vines I would not pay too much attention the bugs. They will most likely dissipate. It may be interesting to get a container of Roundup ( which contains glyphosphate) and spray it on some nearby weeds to see if attracts the bugs. Let me know

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