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The bug/insect
The bug/insect  

Today (July 31 2013) at about 5:00 in the evening I spotted what looked to be a caterpillar crawling under my truck. It was dark green with a yellow and black stripe near its head with two light green dots with black centres on either side of its head. I'm not sure if it is a caterpillar or a larvae but it was a about a inch long, soft almost squishy and it had a very soft light fuzz on its body. What shocked me was that it had a tongue which it stuck out a few times. I live in Saskatoon SK where I found the bug/insect. I didn't keep it but I do have a few pictures of it.


The insect in the images is indeed a caterpillar, that of a swallowtail butterfly of some kind.  I'm not familiar with the species that far north, sorry.

The "tongue" is actually a gland that the caterpillar protrudes when it feels threatened.  The gland emits a pretty strong, repulsive odor from what I'm told.

When you find caterpillars off of their host plant, it usually means they are looking for a place to pupate (become a chrysalis, the next stage in the life cycle).

Thanks for sharing your observation and experience!


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