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I live in Omaha, NE for the past 2 years I have seen what looks like a wasp flying around during the daylight hours.  They are yellow and black like a wasp, have a head and one body part.  Wings are clear if I remember right but not sure.  They don't look like they have a stinger.  They look to be about 3 inches.  At first I saw one or two.  Since then I have moved and now I see quite a few around.  They fly around outside the buildings and also I see them in trees.  I have not been able to find one dead to get a picture and have not attempted a pic of a live one.  The body is longer and pointed at the end like a dragon fly but they look like a wasp of some sort.  The colors are very distinct of black and yellow stripes.  If I can get a picture I will send it.  Thanks so much for your help.

Hi Carrie
Search the internet for photos of Hummingbird moths or Clearwings. These are sphinx moths and your description fits this moth. There are many species with different colors and are quote beautiful insects that mimic hummingbirds for protection. Insect predators avoid birds

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