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As I was playing my Xbox I hear a plop on my couch that I'd behind me, I look over my shoulder I see something black, I run to go turn the lights on and I see a type of mix between a centepeade/long ant/cockroach, I get a plastic cup and pice of paper from my room and this bug had antenna/antler things coming out of its head, and they were moving as if it were flowing in the wind, as I went closer I heard little noises. Ahh haaa, I said as I cought it, when I went to put the paper underneath it, IT STARTED to crawl out!!! And it got stuck. I had applied pressure to the cup so he could wnt escape and then... I heard. Squeeling, sort of like a pig!!!!! I was scared out of my mind but I couldn't get over the smell it made while squeeling. I had finally noticed its wings as it started to fly/hop like a grasshopper with an ants head. I cought it once more on the floor and crumbled the paper around the cup and opened my front door and threw it out. As I was waiting to see if it would fly off or run, it just stood there as if it were panting for air, I had then kicked it into the bushes.---- I have suspicions that it might be from hesperia because my aunt is moving here, I also think that it like clutter.          But you would know when that bug was around if u smelled the air it smelled rancid or like someone farted or butt sorry to say, it's the truth though please help me with this problem.

Hi Isaiah
he next time you capture a strange bug like this take a photo of it before it gets away. You Have described characteristics of 4 or 5 different bugs from insect orders including bees beetles and grasshoppers. When you mentioned we be sure it was an insect There are some beetles that make noises and give off odors
Without seeing this that is about all I can conclude. There are over one million kinds insect already discovered and probably 10 million in the world.

Entomology (Study of Bugs)

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