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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/house bugs- what are they? What do I do?


I cannot take a picture, because I do not own a camera phone or anything like that... I couldn't take one if I tried anyway... the circumstances are I have been itching for a week, and couldn't see anything until I got "Lucky" and saw one bug last night on my body... A black rectangular shiny beetle thing the size of a speck. Driving me nuts. I have one dog.. who has had flea meds. every month on time... a window that has been open for two monthes (practically). I'd like to know what they are, so I can get rid of them. I am very itchy, but only because these bugs jump all around. And they jump really fast. So, this included with the speck size it would hard to get a picture.


Can you collect a few and put them into a small bottle of alcohol? Use a damp cotton swab (Q-tip) to pick them up and drop them into rubbing alcohol. Also, tell me what county (or city) you live in and I'll direct you to the county Extension office (or check here They will be able to get an id through the state university system. Without a picture this is the best way to get an accurate id.

Jack DeAngelis

The nearest office is OSU Extension here  

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