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unknown insect casing?
unknown insect casing?  

unknown insect casing 2
unknown insect casing  
i work at a nature museum in Orange county New York, approximately 40 miles north of NYC. one of our patrons brought this item in, wondering if it was an insect casing. she said it was the second one she's found, though the other seemed to be made of a horn like substance. this one seems to be made of clay or a very soft stone. it almost looks like some kind of artifact.  which it may be, i have never seen anything like it. any help would be appreciated! thanks, Sasha Boucher, Hudson Highlands Nature Museum

Dear Sasha - I must admit that I never have seen such an object before, either. Without actually having it in hand, I hesitate to say much, but based on the insect-made structures I have seen, I would guess that it most likely is not of insect origin. Did the person submitting this give the specifics of exactly where and how it was found? Any details pertaining to its immediate surroundings might be helpful. Also, what are its approximate dimensions?

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