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QUESTION: I was outside this morning and noticed a large group of flying insects in the backyard.  They were about one inch in size, had dark blue iridescent wings.  The head portion appeared black or a dark brown, there was a yellow stripe or spot halfway down body and the tail area was a rusty orange.  The had an irregular flight pattern and remain close to the ground , they would then land on the grass.  There were approximately 50-70 in the yard.  I'm located in south New Jersey if that helps.

ANSWER: Hi Cindy
Without seeing these I am at a loss here because there is a wide range of possibilities. Form the description and behavior they sound like some kind of bees or wasps. Google Hymenoptera and look at some photos. Let me know

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QUESTION: I was looking at images online and believe this was it.  It down poured today so I was unable to go out this morning.  Am I reading correct that this is a wasp?  If so what type?

Hi Cindy.
Thanks for the photo . This is a Spider Wasp. It Belongs to the Genus Anophilus. They prey on spiders that they sting and place in a mud nest to feed their young. Their sting is one of the worst of all wasps but if you do not bother them they will leave you alone.

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