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tiny insect with wings
tiny insect with wings  

tiny insect with wings
tiny insect with wings  
Dear Sue

I am Sam. I live in Tehran, Iran.

We have seen some tiny insects with wings since previous week, but could not identify them.
We once tried to kill them by insecticide. But they are here again! specially in kitchen.

Could you please say what they are and if they are harmful or not and also how I can kill them and prevent them grow?
I would also be grateful if you could say how and why they are here.

I took photos of them which are attached here.



These are very common moths.  Harmless to people.  In the USA we call them "Pantry moths" because they like to live in kitchens.  Their larva (caterpillars) eat dried stored food, like flour, rice, pasta, and other foods.  Check the food you have stored and throw out the ones with larva in them.  Seal the other food containers so you won't get new larva.

In the USA, most hardware stores sell traps designed to catch these moths.  They make a smell that attracts the moths, and then they get stuck to the glue inside the traps.

Good luck getting rid of your moths.  Here is a helpful link with tips to get rid of them


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