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QUESTION: Hi, I can't post a pic of these bugs, went to the extension office here to see if they could identify this bug, can't tell if it has legs or a head without a microscope, which they had.  But they did not have a bug expert there so I can describe this bug at least. Poppy seed size, black, does not jump but moves very slowly - Found them in my bed coming off of an inside dog (he was bit and whelped up)but we were in the country last week so no telling what he picked up.  Anyway, the back of this bug looks like a Jr Mint (will never look at them the same!)black and hard looking.  underside looks like there are 2 spots on each side on the underneath for legs and little pincher-like 'mouth' - help!

ANSWER: Hi Linda
I hope you realize the problem I have with identifying an insect that I cannot see. All I can do is narrow it down from your description. I am sure these are beetles. I also do not know of beetles like these will bite a dog or travel on a dog. Are you positive that the dog brought them in? It sounds more like they could be pantry pests. Have you seen any in the kitchen?

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QUESTION: I know, but they are so tiny that a camera won't give you the detail you'd need to ID....have not seen these in the kitchen, woke up tuesday morning ane they weere all where my dog had been sleeping.  They bit the fool out of him, red whelps all over but Advantage got rid of them. Again, looks like a Jr mint on the top and I attached a drawing of the bottom view.  Could not really count legs it's so small....strangest thing I have ever run across and I've lived in the south my entire 56 years!

It"s the biting that confuses me. They sound like beetles but there no small beetles that  bite dogs. They could be biting mites but you mentioned black and hard looking. Mites are soft
If you can get a photo for me I can blow it up.
Another thing you can do if you still have them is show them to a Vet. A Vet would know everything that bites a dog

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