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I HAVE FOUND FOR THE LAST 3=4 WEEKS (PRIMARILY IN MY BATHROOM & VENTURING INTO MY BEDROOM) a tiny (sesame seed-sized, dome-shaped) black/brown flying insects...so small wings\feet cannot be seen by me...they ate not attracted by food and/or garbage in these rooms & in my lifetime I have never before seen them in this area (over 70 years).  I LIVE IN UPSTATE NY NEAR THE CATSKILL MTS.  CAN YOU HELP ME??  THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!  SORRY, I HAVE NO PHOTO....


These sound like carpet beetles. If you post a picture I could confirm but take a look at the pictures on this page http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpet_beetle.html. These beetles can occur throughout the house and are usually harmless. Large numbers may indicate an infestation in stored foods like dry pet food or in natural fabrics like wool. There is control info on the page cited above as well.

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