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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/small bugs on my clothes in the closet ?


bug image
bug image  
I found insects that i can't identify crawling on my clothes in the closet , so i used a plaster to catch one of them.
the insect is too small to describe by naked eye.
so i used my mobile camera to capture it using maximum zooming. i hope you can help me identify it . i'm afraid that it would be a bedbug.

note that the image captured is not the actual size of the insect.
and the picture makes it look darker it's not that brown , it lighter in colour


This is not a bed bug (see for pictures of bed bugs for comparison). This is a psocid, or booklouse. Psocids are tiny, primitive insects often associated with excess moisture since they feed on mold. They do not bite or cause any other damage. They can infest stored food like dry pet food or grains. There is no need to treat for these insects.

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