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Tonight I saw two tiny black spots on my bathroom floor, assuming it was dirt or make up etc I picked it up with a tissue to toss me realized they were actually tiny bugs. They were both dead, but they had a hardish shell, and tiny legs, I couldn't see antenna, but they may have had them. When I picked them up they smeared redish brown on the tissue. Just curious what these might be and if I should be concerned, at first I feared they were bed bugs but after a bit of research they don't seem to fit that description,


If you can post a picture I could be certain but these sound like carpet beetles. These small beetles have red and brown scales that can rub off which might be what you saw. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpet_beetle.html for pictures. Finding a few beetles is no reason for concern, they are harmless. They can infest stored foods like cereal and dry pet food, however, so check these sources.

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