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tiny black bugs
tiny black bugs  
How to get rid of these tiny black bugs on the kitchen counter?
Any help would greatly be appreciated.  A natural home remedy would be great.

Hi Doreen
 These are dermestid beetles or pantry pests. For the photo I cannot tell you exactly what kind but to get rid of these you will have to find the course and stop the breeding They are feeding somewhere most likely in dried foods. Empty all you cupboards that contain food. Check all opened boxes for larvae which will be wormlike. Also check any pet foods if you have any. If you see any beetles in the cupboards wipe them out and spray the cracks with boric acid powder or a pyrethrum based spray. these are natural insect control chemicals. There is another possibility that these are carpet beetles. I cannot see the patterns on the back Check in other rooms in the house and under carpets and in furniture.
 There is a possibility that all of this is unnecessary. If you do not more right away these bugs may be transients and have not yet produced eggs. Keep me informed  

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