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I live in northern California...(Shasta Lake City)
I'm finding tiny black bugs on my kitchen floor..occasionally I find a couple on the window sills. I did find one only on my bedroom
floor. They look to have wings...they are very hard and almost all of them are on their backs but still alive. When I gather them on a wet paper towel they don't run...what are they and where do they come from? I don't have bed bugs I'm positive of that.

Hi Madonna
I can only see the shape and from your description I feel sure that these are dermestid beetles, either pantry pests or carpet beetles. To get rid of them you must find the source. Start by looking in all opened dried foods in the cupboards. If you find any in the cupboards or the number increases let me know and I will give some ideas on how to proceed. Meanwhile dispose of all adults you see so they do not breed.
If they seem to be gone and you do not see more I could be wrong and the could be beetles that came in from outside.
 They are definitely not bedbugs.
 If you can send me a clearer photo it will help

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