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QUESTION: I am from India. I shifted into a new house 2 years ago. During the first rainy season I started seeing small white insects on the ceilings in both bedrooms. Slowly they were in the bedrooms and on all the clothes, shoes, purses everything. Got a pest control done twice but they didn't completely disappear. They were gone during the winters and came back this rainy season again.          I have approached all the best pest control in my city. No one can identify this insect. They are very small like a speck of dust and can grow to be as big as an ant. They multiply very fast and are seen in all my cupboards and on my belongings. Pest control only reduces the quantity , it doesn't kill all of it.

ANSWER: Ankita,

Can you post a picture of the larger one? The small one may be mold mites (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/mold_mites.html) but the larger one must be something else.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: The larger ones all died with the pest control or at least I cannot find any right now. But the smaller ones are still there everywhere. On the clothes , shoes bags , cushions. I am helpless because they don't even go with pest control.  And why is it that my house is the only one facing this problem in my city (at least according to pest control guys).          Is there any permanent solution to it? I can't seem to identify any leaking pipe also. And the adjoining apartments in my building don't seem to have this problem. Plus the previous owners of my apartment also dint face this problem

There must be a source of moisture that is allowing mold to grow. The best permanent solution is to find the source of moisture and eliminate it. The fact that the mites seem to show up during the rainy season tells me that the source of water is likely outside. A leaky foundation, windows, doors, gutters and so forth can all allow moisture to infiltrate. Instead of pest control you may want to hire a building inspector to look for signs of water damage/mold. Sorry I can't be more specific.

Jack DeAngelis  

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