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Dear Mr. DeAngelis,
I have been battling an infestation for over a month. I have bites that can be seen, but have not been able to find/see the insect/parasite.  I believe that I got the bug from a dog which was later found to have mange.  Upon going to the dr., using the permethrin cream 2x as directed.  Still have the problem. There are crawling bugs, and biting/stinging bugs, or one in the same. I suspected the sarcoptic mite, and still may be, but there is stinging/biting that go along with this.  We have bombed our house 2x, and it seemed to help for a short length of time, but after 24 hrs. seemed to get worse again. Whatever, this is is about to drive me crazy.  These bugs can be passed from dog to human to dog and back again.  They like to infest the home, car and work place also.  I cannot see them with the naked eye, and have not had any luck catching a specimen.  Could it be the same bug, or two different bugs?  HELP!!!!!!! We live in Central Missouri. I would appreciate any help you could give.  The bites are red and have a raised center. What do you suggest.??????? Thanks for your time and help with this matter.


There are only a few insects and mites that bite people (and/or dogs); here's a list There are also many things that can be mistaken for bug bites and these can sometimes even cause raised "bites". I suspect you are experiencing one of these other causes since you've been unable to catch anything. By far the most common causes of skin lesions that are mistaken for bug bites are various allergies but there are other causes as well. You best option is to contact a health care provider and talk about these possibilities. If you are able to catch an actual insect or mite I'd be glad to take a look at it.

Jack DeAngelis  

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