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I would very much like your comment on my experience with a  BW spider, as related below.

When I was a teenager living in Utah, I awoke early one morning, and was suddenly wide awake. I rolled over and turned on the lamp next to my bed. I then saw a BW spider that was suspended about 1 ft. above where my head  was. This situation has troubled me ever since because I have never awoke and be wide awake, before or after this incidence. I therefore had attributed this to a friendly spirit or possibly to ESP. However, when I related this story to a friend recently, it crossed my mind that it might be that I sensed a pheromone or other odor coming from the spider since it was so close to my face.  Also, could this spider, that was hanging from the ceiling, sense the heat from my head and so descended down toward me?



I don't think we can sense odors from a single spider, even one close to our nose. I think it is more likely that you partially woke up, saw the spider then became fully awake and alert. Black widow spiders are usually very secretive so it is still a mystery why this one lowered itself in your direction.

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