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My daughter woke up with a sore itchy spot on her foot. I did not see any puncture marks, but still thought it might be a spider. Sent her off to school because she was fine otherwise, stripped her bed and washed everything and vacuumed her room. Then I was making her bed, shook out her comforter and then noticed this spider crawling across her floor. I'm wondering what kind of spider this is and should I be concerned. She seemed fine last night after school and the area looked better. We live in Georgia about 45 minutes north of Atlanta and this was on September 9, 2013.

Dear Marcie - I do not believe that you need worry about this spider. It is Steatoda triangulosa, a cobweb/comb-footed spider; I know of no cases being reported of this species ever envenoming a human. Also, it is a valuable pest controller in its own right, as it has been known to prey on many kinds of arthropods, including ants, spiders (including the brown recluse), ticks, and pillbugs.

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