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I really need your help :)
I have chinchillas (getting to bug bit) and i keep all there wooden toys in a dark dry bin for storage that I clean out weekly with disinfectant. Now this bug is very tiny it's white when young and they cluster togther but when adults they get darker and alot faster as they young are really slow. due to how tiny it is i have to look hard to see it unless there are lots of them and my bin is a dark colour so i can see the young easily but i have not been able to get a picture or find on on the internet. They seem to flare up in numbers during hot humid times and i do try to keep the bin as cool as possible. I have never been bitten or hurt by them so i dont believe it is a mite, they dont live on any animal from my observations as the chinchillas fur is too dense and none have lived on me. but i think it may be possible on my guinea pigs hence my concern, but i am OCD in making sure i do not transfer any over as best as possible. people suggested the paper mite due to the woods and grass toys but i have seen a picture of this and it is 100% not this mite. rarely they sometimes live in the food bin but as the chinchillas food is so bland they dont survive long from what i have seen, but sweet treats and oats i have seen massive numbers appear over night when we had our hot weather.
i would be so gratful for you to try to help me find out what this is as im getting so frustrated trying to get rid or control this bug and understand it better
thank you for your time

Hi Holly
 I hope you understand that it is difficult to identify something without seeing it. So I can only guess from the information you have given me. I can think of two possibilities.  Do they jump? If so they are springtails. If not my second guess would be Booklice. Are you seeing any damage being done to the animals/ Neither Booklice nor springtails are harmful. If they are biting the animals then you should pick up some on scotch tape and consult a Vet. Find a photo of booklice and see if is this is what they are.. Let me know

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