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What suggestions can you offer to capture/eliminate paper wasps in a large indoor space?  There are hundreds inside our newly built but unfinished metal church building (insulation up but no sheetrock yet.  We spent Sunday service continuosly shooing them away from ourselves and each other - they seemed particularly fond of landing on heads (especially women's).  Are homemade traps I've seen described the answer?  There are hundreds congregated on the 24 ft ceiling, plus many swarming in the sunny windows.  Thanks for your help!

Dear Diane - If you Google the terms "yellow jacket traps", "wasp traps", hornet traps", or "wasp and hornet trap", you will find a very wide array of choices, and you can see if any would fit your needs. However, from your description of the problem, you may have to call in a specialist in wasp control. You can find a list of Montana pest control services at http://tinyurl.com/mpwtp8b, that site has filters so that you can select for specific services. Also, you can contact your county office of Montana's Cooperative Extension Service to see if they can offer any further suggestions, see http://tinyurl.com/l7zjk9q for links to contact information.

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