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Blue spider
Blue spider  

Giant Gray Spider
Giant Gray Spider  
Hello! I lived in Mandalay, Myanmar for 2yrs and while visiting Pyin-Oo-Lwin I took some photos of very interesting spiders. I know you live in India, but you might know what they are and if not maybe you could refer me to someone who may know. I cannot find these spiders anywhere on the internet. One spider is bright blue with yellow stripes. The other is a very large gray spider (about the size of my hand) with two black bumps on it's rear that look like eyes. Please get back to me soon because it's driving me nuts and I can't help thinking I found something new or rare.

Dear Jeff,

Myanmar is a treasure house for invertebrates, such a beautiful place to live in. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the precise name of these spiders, but incidentally the second gray spider you photographed was also photographed by me not more than 3 days ago! it is most probably a Cyrtophora sp., commonly called Tent Spider or Dome Spider in english, belonging to Araneidae family.

The first image, I am not too sure - I would like to have a look at the eye pattern of the spider to confirm its ID, but it also belongs to Araneidae family.

You can try contacting a member of Flickr:

There are some beautiful pictures of spiders from Malaysia which are quite similar to these regions.

I hope this helps,

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