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Hi. I made a cloth hamper that hangs from one small area to another area and that is where I have put all my dirty clothes. I have never ever seen a roach in there but tonight when I went to get some clothes bagged up to take to the laundromat tomorrow I saw a roach crawling among the dirty clothes. Yikes . I hate those critters.
Somebody told me to dry all the clothes for 3o minutes in the laundromat (hamper bag and all) and that should be enough. I dunno,
Should I put the entire mess outside, fill the hamper with vinegar water then take and wash and dry the clothes? Help. I am at wits end. Thank you.

Roaches don't lay their eggs in clothes.  They prefer to lay their eggs under the molding where the wall meets the floor, or at the edge of the carpet padding, or someplace where they won't get bothered.  They will only live where they can get food.  Get rid of all the crumbs of food, and they will go live someplace else.  Unless they eat at the neighbors, and then crawl through a crack in the wall to visit you.  

No need to fumigate the clothes.  Roaches don't live in clothes- they are just exploring and looking for food.  

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