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Hi Jack,
We found these very tiny bugs outside crawling around on a porch ceiling.  They look like baby cockroaches to me, but they had just hatched from round eggs that were on the ceiling and the eggs did not look like cockroach eggs to me.

This is in Southern Ohio in July, in a very wooded area if that helps to identify them.

These photos were taken on a paper towel.  In the photo with my index finger, the bug is sitting inside one of the "indentation dots" on a paper towel which should give you an idea of their small size.



These look like newly hatched kudzu bugs (not cockroaches). See http://livingwithbugs.blogspot.com/2011/10/kudzu-bug-small-brown-lady-bug-that.h for a bit about this new species. The bugs are harmless but can become a nuisance around homes, they can also cause damage in gardens. They are currently expanding their range from the southeastern states.

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