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Crazy as it sounds, my husband ate an caterpillar. It was pretty fluffy yellow with black spikes. Since than  I'm guessing ,we have all been very sick. Could this have a desease that we all got. People think I'm coo- coo. I think it was that. My husband, Paul , is a trapper. I did not know the dangers of the desease the animals carry. We are in NH. I first saw sumthing in our stool. It's just me and emery, age 3 who started having seizures at 15 month old for no reason. So the drs say. We all most lost him on the 1 st on. The next thing I thaught was the bat jobs we did. Ate ago I started taking photos to help prove things. White stuff comming from nose picked up ???, see photo. I'll put in this order so you know what they are. Nose, vomit, mouth, eyes, stool,  urine. No we have something, or now just noticing, sumthing in the air in apartment. In not crazy, desprite for help. I put some stool on container w/ tiny holes inside 3 baggies. Me and Emerys separate. 3 xs. All 3 there were maggots and flys. So confused. Need help. Now my adult children have this,cat& dog to- thanks-Jane

Hi Jane
These are all medical problems and I am not an MD. It is against the Law for me to diagnose or suggest treatment even if I knew anything about them
I can only assure you that caterpillars do not carry diseases and it is not related to these other problems. I suggest you get complete physicals and trust your doctors

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