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i've been experiencing crawling in my scalp for the past 3years. i've been to multiple dermatologist, had my scalp and different parts of my body that have had raised bumps biospied with no concrete answers. All of the test come back as "non-specific".  I have little black almost microscopic things in my bed and on my pillow.  When one dermatologist looked under the microscope she said it looked like hair but with trauma as if it was being ripped out of my scalp. Whatever this is , is so tiny but has caused the most pain in my life, I also have scabs in my ears where whatever this is crawls in my ears and caused sores in my ears.  I've used every type of permerthrin and ivermectin (because initially the doctors thought it was scabies).  I'm desperate and really need help.  I'm wondering what type of mite could continue to reproduce in my scalp and never die.  If it is possibly a bird mite how can i kill it in my scalp?


There are no mites that cause the symptoms you describe. This is probably why they have been unable to find anything. There are only a few mites and insects that actually bite people, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html for a list. My guess is you are experiencing symptoms of allergy, possibly food or mold. That's the first place I'd start to look for an answer. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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