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Hello, my name is katelynn and I found this bug in my hair attached and after I pulled it off there was a red bump. My head has been very itchy. My roommate also found one in her hair a couple weeks ago. People keep saying its just a bug but we cant accept that answer and need your help!

Hello Katelynn,

Thank you for the question and the photos. The photos are blurry, so I can't make out the details. However, it might be head lice. You should compare what you found to this photo:

If you think you have head lice, you need to wash all your things that might have been exposed, including clothes, blankets, and brushes/combs. Find a lice shampoo and wash your hair (maybe a few times). You want to make sure to get all the bugs and eggs (which look like tiny dots) out of your hair. Some shampoos come with a fine toothed comb that will help brush out the bugs and eggs. If you catch lice early, the infestation won't get very bad, but lice can reproduce quickly so I would recommend acting fast.

If your bugs don't look like the photo of lice, they could be a number of other things. Lice, however, are the most concerning. Bed bugs can also be a hassle, but your bugs don't look like bedbugs.

Good luck,

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