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QUESTION: Hi- I found this insect on a towel in my bathroom.  Can you identify? I think it may be a carpet beetle?

ANSWER: Daniela,

The image is a little too small to see clearly but it does look like a carpet beetle adult, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpet_beetle.html for an enlarged view. Post a follow up if you have questions.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: ok thanks.  I do remember a while back I saw a fuzzy larvae looking thing... I read up on how to control them but they keep coming back.  also I think I have small tiny springtails in my bathroom coming out from my baseboards.  any tips?

Once you find the source (stored/spilled food) they can be eliminated. Springtails (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/springtails.html for drawing) might come out from the baseboards if you are on the ground floor and it is an outside wall. Otherwise it is hard to see how springtails which live in the soil would be found there.

Jack DeAngelis

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