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Fly strip with unidentified bug
Fly strip with unident  
QUESTION: I have these teensy bugs that come in to my apartment through the screens and also from outside when the doors are open. It's always in the fall I have this problem and end up putting up fly strips all over the apartment to catch them, yet there are still dozens flying around bugging (pardon the pun) the heck out of me. I took a picture of the fly strip with these teensy things on and want to know what they are and how to get rid of them. I tried Raid but they just brushed it off and went on their merry way.

ANSWER: These look a lot like fruit flies.  Fruit flies are attracted to peaches, pears, apples, bananas and potatoes in the kitchen.  In dry times, they also seek moisture in the sink drain.  If you keep any of the above produce out on the counter for extended periods, fruit flies will eventually appear.  Once the first frost comes, fruit flies will significantly diminish until spring.

An easy trap to catch fruit flies

You will need:

One jelly or mayonnaise jar with lid
Apple cider vinegar

Make sure the jar is clean and add one (1) inch of apple cider vinegar to the jar.  Place the jar near your kitchen sink and leave the lid off.  Monitor the jar periodically and when there are a lot of flies inside, quickly put the lid on a give the vinegar a swirl which will drown the flies.  Re-open the lid and repeat until the vinegar is too full of flies.  Pour the vinegar out, add fresh and start again.

It's cheap and easy without using a lot of pesticides indoors.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Are fruit flies small enough to get through a window screen? And why would they hang out in the bedroom and living room, although I know they are the worst in the kitchen and bathroom, but I don't have any fruit or veggies sitting out in either place. I've been putting everything in the refrigerator and they are still heavy near the kitchen sink and in the bathroom. They love looking at themselves in the bathroom mirror! And the shower is full of them.

Fruit flies are definitely small enough to come through a window screen.  However, I notice a definite pattern from your latest description:

You are seeing them heaviest in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, and in the shower...the link:  water!

They need moisture in the form of water when there isn't fruit around.  Try placing vinegar traps in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.

If there are enough of them in the house, they will disperse in their efforts to find moisture and food, thus finding them in the bedroom and living room.

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