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I live in upstate NY, and I have no pets.
Something has been biting me in my apartment of 4 years - for weeks, but I never see them. The bites are consistent with fleas (ankles, armpits, groin, etc.)

I used glue traps and a light and caught a slew of bugs - flying and crawling, but discarded them after I sprayed my place with Virbac Knockout ES.

They have returned after a couple weeks. I used a new glue trap and caught the attached bug (shot through a microscope).
A veterinarian could not identify it as a flea that she is familiar with.
I do not know if this is what's biting me. But I would like to know what it is!  They are smaller than flees.


Thank you for including the image, which is of a non-insect hexapod called a "springtail."  More about them here:


and here:


They would NOT be what is biting you.  Springtails are totally harmless.  They are moisture-dependent, so to control them you need to thoroughly dry the room where you are finding them.  Consider a de-humidifer (though with winter approaching the dryness should send them into hiding or kill them).

Meanwhile, please address the *symptoms* with your physician, and don't assume it is insects or mites or something biting you.  Many other illnesses manifest themselves in this way, masquerading as "bites."  Unless you actually see something biting you, then you cannot make the assertion that *anything* is biting you.

I do hope you find quick and permanent resolution to the problem.


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