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Bug collage
Bug collage  
Hi, I seem to have an infestation of some type of insect in my home. They look like fleas and are about the same size as fleas, except they have wings, and do fly. They have two wings, and long legs. I do not have any pets, so they have taken residence in my hair. My neck is covered in bite marks.

I wash my bedding every day, and vacuum constantly. I have diatomaceous earth and salt sprinkled everywhere, including my car, and under my mattress. I have set off flea bombs,  used lice shampoo, dog shampoo, rubbed salt in my hair, diatomaceous earth in my hair, listerine, vinegar, tea tree oil, coconut oil,  every remedy listed on the Internet. Please don't tell me I'm crazy, other people have seen them, and both my mother and sister have picked nits out of my hair.
Do you have know what these bugs are, and do you have any advice??


The flies in the attached images are too damaged to id by photos. I'd suggest trying to collect some intact specimens so they can be examined under a microscope. Contact your local Extension office ( and they can help with submitting a specimen to Penn State U. Once we have a good id the source of the flies and what to do next will be clearer.

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