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What are they?
What are they?  
Some months ago I found this insect in my one of kitchen cabinets. They were everywhere specially on my dishes.I should mention that I did not find them in any of my grain products. I vacuumed everywhere but about a month later I found them in another cabinet and then in my bedroom. They spread too fast. So we sprayed a chemical poison all over the house.
But now after a month I found them in the same cabinet which I saw them for the first time. I asked everyone and surfed the web but did not find anything useful. I even dont know what they are. Please help me. They are driving me crazy! :(

Hi Mark
These are dermestid beetles and either Red Flour beetles or Confused Flour Beetles The difference is that Red Flour Beetles fly an Confused Flour Beetles do not
They are breeding in your cupboards and you have not yet located the source. They feed on all flours, grains,spices, nuts and even on pet foods. Check all your opened cereals and flour. If there are no adults present then there still may be eggs and larvae but you will not be able to see them as the larvae and eggs are white and they glue their eggs to the inside of the boxes or container.
I think you may have to empty the cupboards and discard all opened products. Then wipe out the cupboards get some Boric Acid powder or diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it in all the cracks. These are natural insecticides. Keep me informed


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