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Bug Again  

I found this little bug walking (not hopping or flying) on one of my pillows today. It looks like it might have wings, and was only a few millimeters in size (1-3). It also floated on top of the water I trapped it in. I live in Texas, and the weather has been relatively humid lately. I hope that you can help me to identify it, I'm very curious!

Thank you so much,

Dear Lucy - This is a small fly, it appears to be in the family Drosophilidae (vinegar/pomace flies; often but erroneously called fruit flies). One of the commonest species is Drosophila melanogaster, familiar to anyone who has take a basic course in genetics. They often become nuisance pests indoors, as they are attracted to just about anything fermenting (like overripe fruit) or with a trace of yeast (they often wind up in glasses of wine).

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