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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Outdoor flies:eradication of, possible swatting and pheromone link?


I live in the very Deep South. The flies are blue and green bottles and flesh flies. They love a specific patch of our yard which is unfortunately a foot away from where we sit on the front porch. Due to the clay-like soil and difficulty with which the grass grows and frequent rain, heat, humidity, etc. there is a fair amount of decaying organic matter. Not much but apparently enough. Would mulching then tilling help eradicate this "nesting ground"? We also have pets who go outdoors. Aside from dish soap, vinegar and the like is there any natural pesticide? Is diatomaceous earth a viable option? Finally, why is it that flies love to congregate around other dead flies or in the area they have been swatted? I kill anywhere from 20-100+ daily. Should I be disposing of their corpses in another manner? Thank you for your time and consideration.
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I think pet feces are more likely to be the source of the flies rather than wet ground. Be sure this material is cleaned up first. These flies are attracted to the odor of any dead animal or the manure of a meat-eating animal such as a cat or dog. Here's a list of so called natural insecticides that may be useful as well. In this case the botanical sprays might be a good option.

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