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Diaper bugs
Diaper bugs  
The last few times we have emptied our sons diaper genie we have found a number of small insects in and around the bag. They are roughly flea-sized, and don't appear to have wings. Strangely enough, they are always dead when we find them, so it would be hard to accurately categorize their coloring when alive, but dead they have a light to medium brown color. I haven't seen them anywhere else in the house, alive or dead. My main concern would be that they are somehow coming from his feces, more so than if they are simply attracted to them. I have attached a picture, but due to their size and the limitations of my camera, it is of rather poor quality. I have included a penny in the shot to give it scale. Thanks in advance for your response.


Thanks for including the image, but there is not nearly enough detail for me to make even a reasonably accurate ID.

I sincerely doubt these insects constitute any kind of health issue, to put your mind at ease.

There are a great many beetles (and moths) that are "stored product pests" in most households across the country.  They infest all manner of dried animal products, spices, and grains (collectively).  This is the category your tiny insects likely fall into.

You can browse this image database and see if you recognize anything:

So, bottom line, no pun intended, is that the beetles are harmless to your child, pets, and the rest of your family.


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