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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Tiny tan insects in Dewey AZ


QUESTION: We have very tiny (size of a pencil tip) tan bugs in 1 bathtub in our house.  Raid kills then. Any ides what in could be?

Without seeing one it is difficult but small insects in tubs are often either springtails or booklice. Both thrive on moisture. The difference is that springtails jump when disturbed. Do they jump?

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QUESTION: Yes they do jump when disturbed. If they are Springtails, any idea how to get rid of them?
Thank you very much.

Then these are definitely springtails (Collembola). They ar esporatic in appearance aned need moisture to thrive. If the tubs are kept completely dry they will disappear. Keep the area around the tub dry also. In sheer numbers Collembola are probably the most numerous insects on Earth. They fed on bacteria and fungus spores and ore harmless to humans

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