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Is it possible for a certain type of mite to live in human hair? I just came back from a dermatologist, who said she couldn't find anything in my hair. I have been battling this since the 2nd week of Sept. My primary care physician checked my hair back in early Oct.,  but also said she couldn't find any thing. She prescribed Perethyin anyway, twice, and Malathion just recently. It all works for a day or two, but the bugs come back. I have googled EVERYTHING, and have been putting the bugs that I comb out of my hair in a Ziploc baggy. Because they are so small, I have to pick them up w/scotch tape, which probably compromises the evaluation. I really believe that my apt is infested w/something. I have tried talking to an apt manager about this, but they really don't seem to want to help. I think either they are coming from an adjoining apt, or from my bathroom ceiling vent. Is it possible that an animal got in the vent somehow and is emitting bugs? I am so frustrated and at my wits end!

Hi Gail
Insects that get into the hair are easily seen and mirtes do not inhabit hair  If two doctors cannot find anything I am at a loss. You say that you have some in a plastic bag. Have you shown these to the dermatologist? It is possible that this a medical problem not a bug problem.


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