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Sauggy, we need your help again.
As the end of the growing season approached we started to get what appeared to be a mold on our peonies. It happens so we didn't think much about it. When we were cutting them down we noticed little bumps going up the stalks. We can't tell if they are bugs or just a naturally occurring part of the plant. Any ideas?

Dear Tom - Your peony leaves appear to have a powdery mildew infection - see http://tinyurl.com/knjgnqr for detailed information including control recommendations. The 'bumps' on the stem are armored scale insects (Hemiptera/Sternorrhyncha: Diaspididae); like aphids, they feed on the sap of the plants they infest. Plants usually can tolerate a light infestation, but if the scales are very abundant, they may cause leaf yellowing, wilting and premature leaf drop. Also, a heavily infested peony plant may grow slowly and suffer dieback. In cases of heavy infestation, pruning off and disposing of infested portions (such as by burning) or applying a thorough spray of horticultural oil in late winter to spring should control these pests.

Hope this helps,

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