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We have an unusual guest in our classroom.  This past month we found a bright green katydid on our playground (she looked like a spring leaf).  We have never seen them here and after some research we discovered that they are not native to this area.  We live in Elko, NV at about 5200 feet. We have cold winters that can dip down to 15-25 below zero.  We discover that our Katydid is a female as she has laid several eggs along a branch we put in her container.  Our questions are:  Will she hibernate through the winter? Her eggs should hatch in the spring I believe, but do we need to keep them cool? I don't think she will survive our winter weather even in a garage, so any suggestions? We have been feeding her romaine lettuce..any other suggestions?  Thank you for your help. Third graders from Grammar #2


Sounds like a good science project for your class. The eggs may need a period of cold temps to hatch properly, some insects need this others do not. It varies by species so is difficult to predict. You might try to put half the egg cases in the refrigerator (not freezer) for a few weeks verses a batch kept at room temp to see which hatch, and when. The female may die before cold weather sets in, even indoors, so prepare the class for that. The chances that any of the egg cases will hatch is probably less than 50% but it still should be a good project for the kids. Good luck. Let me know what happens.

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