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I have kissing bugs every where here in Kendalia, Tx. I find them around and under my dog houses. I have stepped on them and some have been full of blood. On cold nights 40 and below I put red bulb heat lamps out around the dog house. Will this attract the bugs? Do they hunt during the fall and winter? What can I do to protect my animals. I have 5 dogs. I have found a few in my house. How do I get rid of these nasty bugs?

Hi, Suzanne:

Yes, kissing bugs probably do feed during the winter, especially if winters are mild there, though they don't need to feed very often.  I wrote a blog post about them:


Here's another good page:


Here's an article specific to dogs and kissing bugs, in Texas, but PLEASE understand that the media tends to grossly exaggerate risks:


I hope all of this helps.  Perhaps the best precaution you can take is to eliminate wood rats from your property, as that is the favorite host of kissing bugs.


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