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QUESTION: Hello.   I was sitting at my desk and glanced at the floor to find this insect slowly wandering the floor.  It was about 3/4 in. long with a semi-translucent, orange exoskeleton.  You'll find an image attached (I apologize it is not of better quality, but I only had my phone nearby when I found it).  I'm currently in Cathedral City/Palm Springs area in California.  I have no idea what it is, and I've never seen anything of it's kind before.   I'd like to know what it is, if there are more, if they're dangerous, how immediate/urgent the issue is, etc.  Any information would be helpful.

Thank you for your time.

This is an immature German cockroach. There are most likely more of them. Get some roach traps and see if there are.  Check your kitchen area and look under boxes. You apparently do not have a large population of them as of now. Roaches are not dangerous but certainly can become pests.. Let me know if you find more


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for such a quick response.  So, if it's immature, wouldn't that likely mean that it was hatched some time in the last couple months (I've read they have a maturation period of roughly 123 days), and, thus, that there is a queen and population and more immature roaches?  But, then again, that doesn't mean it was hatched HERE, necessarily.  I found it at roughly 12AM, if that makes a difference.  The lights, however, were on, and had been for many hours before.  I know they typically don't like the daytime or light.

What would you recommend as a preventative control measure, or even an extermination measure?  I've read that a mixture of borax and a little sugar is a suitable "home remedy" type of method, but also that some German cockroaches have grown to not taste sweetened baits, thus making them ineffective.  I've found a couple different types of 'pests' in this room.  Ants, field crickets, a couple spiders, and now this damn cockroach.  I'm tempted to call pest control for a consultation and have them go through and take care of things, but I'd expect it'd be pretty expensive.  Would you recommend that, despite the price, or is it better to take care of it ourselves (I live with my parents and brother)?


Hello again Kyel
First Of I would strongly suggest that at this point you avoid exterminators. At this point you can solve this problem yourself
. If you are being overrun with roaches you may need help. This roach possibly could have com in fron the outside. I don't know where you read about roaches but they are not social insects. her eis no queen. Every female is able to produce about a hundred young at a time.
 Roaches will sample anything new like a new poison  and if it appears harmful they will reject it and what's more they will remember it and avoid it if it is presented again.  This is why something like Boric acid powder is effective. Anothe rone is diatomacious Earth which destroys their exoskeleton.
That is why I suggested  Roach traps (Roach Motel Start with just a few. You can buy them for under a dollar apiece

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