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Wooden CD rack
Wooden CD rack  
Hi there, I live in the UK and last week I found a small dot like white bug crawling across my phone screen. At first I thought it was dust until I noticed it moving. Today I went to play my DS (having a throwback day) and found around 10+ of them crawling across the screens.

I keep my DS in a small wooden cd rack type of thing along with my CDs underneath. I thought Id check the CDs and I have also found them crawling on those.

I do not keep my phone near this rack, however my bedside table is inbetween that and my bed and I usually keep my phone there. I've checked other items around my room however I've only found these bugs on my electronic items but they're really starting to creep me out as I hate bugs.

I must mention that my bed is infront of a window that has some mould on the wall underneath. The room also seems to have damp on the walls...not sure if that may be related

I was wondering if you know what these bugs are? If they are damaging? and how I can get rid of them? As I am worried that they may spread to my other electronics that I use more frequently and are more expensive


These are likely mold mites, also called grain mites. They are harmless, won't harm you or your electronics, however they are associated with excess moisture and mold growth (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/mold_mites.html for more about these mites). This type of mold can be a health concern so you'll want to do everything possible to dry the area and eliminate the mold, improve ventilation and repair sources of moisture.

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