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Recently I was sleeping at night but on a mattress placed on the floor of a new house and an insect that looks exactly like the brown tiny bug entered into my ears, I didn't know there was something inside I thought I was developing an ear problem, it was painful but it came out alive in the morning . It left an irritating feeling and mild pain and something like a husk, I don't know, came out when it was washed from the hospital. How harmful can bugs be to the ear especially when they spend a whole night in the ear? Though  still feeling some slight pain.

Hello Jackline,

I cannot give you an identification with the information you have provided. Can you describe the insect? Did it have wings? Any recognizable markings or features? Do you have a photo?

I am not sure how much harm it caused you, but it sounds traumatic. I am sorry to hear about your awful experience. However, without more information about what insect it was and what they found at the hospital, I can't be very useful to you. Did it bite you? Did it damage your tympanic membrane? If I were you, I would follow the advice the doctors gave you. If you still feel discomfort, you should call them to let them know and get further advice.

Good luck,

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